Hello everybody! With these posts i will provide you with simple litle tricks that can make our life with solidworks a litle easier! The complexity and level of these posts will vary but mainly they will relate to the more inexperienced user! I hope you will like them! Here we go:

1) Intersection Curve

If you already have created a nice lofted surface and you want to alter it's shape in a spesific place, change it's angle for example, instead of using the "Freeform" feature you can simply insert  a spline, a curve on the surface and by changing it's shape you can either add another profile on your loft or a diffirent guide line. This is very simply done by first of all creating a new plane on the place you want to alter your surface. Then go to "Tools" - "Sketch tools" - "Intersection curve" and choose the new plane and the surface you want. The newly created spline will be inserted in the already existing loft feature and by editing it you can alter the shape of your surface.

2) Dimensions in relation to a plane

A neat trick I found out a litle while ago was that you can dimension anything you want in relation to a plane. Simple choose the object you want, expand the feature tree and choose the plane that suits you. A ver nice and fast possibility!

3) Bi - directional offset

This is a VERY simple one, but I didn't know it until a few days ago! So i thought i can share it with you. I was one of those people choosing an object two times, reversing the offest in order to get two new offseted objects. Instead of that you can simple click on the "Bi-directional" option (as you can see in the photo above) and two new lines will be created! COOL...

4) Ctrl for a new plane

Instead of getting into the "plane property manager" to create a new plane, you simply holde the CTRL key on your keyboard and drag an existing plane to wherever you want.

5)Forming tool orientation

Whenever you drag and drop a new forming tool for the "Design library" without letting the click go you can hit the TAB button on your keyboard and the tool will change orientation regarding the surface you are holding it over.

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