Hello everybody! With these posts i will provide you with simple litle tricks that can make our life with solidworks a litle easier! The complexity and level of these posts will vary but mainly they will relate to the more inexperienced user! I hope you will like them! Here we go:

1) Magnifying Glass

Whenever you have a detailed model, with many of subtleties you can focus on a certain part of the object without changing your model's orientation  by pressing the "G" key on your keyboard. A magnifying glass will appear with which you can zoom,pan,move ceratin areas you want! Press the "G" key again and it will be gone!

2) Select other face

If you want to choose a face that is not visible, instead of changing transparency, or hiding certain features or parts of your model you can "Right Click" with your mouse, click on the "SELECT OTHERS" command and a window in which a list of faces that you can choose from appears!

3) Change sketch presets

When you are in sketch and you are about to make to draw a rectangle, but once you start it you realise you have choosen the wrong type, so you will delete it and draw again! By pressing the "A" key on your keyboard though you can change the type without havin to do anything else!

4) Repeat same command

Another cool trick to be more productive and speed up your work is to hit the "ENTER" key on your keyboard and the last command that you used will be selected again!

5) Solidworks Taskbar icon problem

Many people i have talked with have sayed the are having the same problem. They have pinned Solidworks in their taskbar but whenever they open the software a new icon appears on the taskbar! The solution to this is simple: just open Solidworks and when the two icons appear, unpin the old from the taskbar and pin the new one! this way the problem will be solved!

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