Hello everybody! With these posts i will provide you with simple litle tricks that can make our life with solidworks a litle easier! The complexity and level of these posts will vary but mainly they will relate to the more inexperienced user! I hope you will like them! Here we go:

1)Create a plane in the middle - the easy way

Whenever you want to mirror a feature or a body on the other side of your model you have to create a plane in the middle of it. This is very easily done by selecting the two faces you want in the "NEW PLANE" interface (on the left of the pic above) and automaticaly the new plane will be created in the middle of them!

2) Change transparency of imported picture in a sketch


Starting with the picture on the left, whenever we want to trace a picture in order to create a feature in Solidworks, sometimes we face the problem of the background of the picture being 'in the way', making our life harder. We can manually change this (from inside Solidworks without any extra software) by a few simple steps. Once inside the "SKETCH PICTURE" property manager, by clicking on the "USER DEFINED" option under the "TRANSPARENCY" tab, selecting the background with our cursor and changing the two options to our choise ( most likely it would to crank them full on to the right). As you can see on the picture on the left the background is gone by the changes we have done in the property manager.

3) Saving fastening and hole presets for faster workflow

When you have many diffirent types of holes you have to make in a model, choosing the options for each them every time takes a lot time. Instead of that you can create presets for each type and use them accordingly. This is very easily done by using the "FAVORITE" tab in the "HOLE WIZARD" properties manager. Click on the star with the plus sign on it and you will create a new preset. Load then the one you saved and all the settings will be the same. This option will make your life a lot easier and will save you a lot of time! We have to say also that the same can be done for "FASTENING FEATURES" inside a model.

4)Create axis form existing planes, faces or surfaces

You can create an axis ( for revolving, pattern or mating related reasons ) by going to Insert - Reference - Axis and selecting one of the choises available in the properties manager. As easy as that. In this example, as you can see in the pic above, two planes were chosen. You can select any of the 5 choises available to you.

5) Change transparency inside an assembly while creating a new part

While i was creating the engine assembly you can see in the pic above i came across the problem of whenever i was creating a new part inside the assembly, all the existing parts turned to transparent mode and i could draw properly. To change this is very easy. As you can highlited above by clicking on the "ASSEMBLY TRANSPARENCY" button you can choose if the existing parts will lokk solid, transparent or the will simply lose their apperances. 


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