Hello everybody! In these posts i will upload tutorials on how to achieve certain goals on Solidworks! Simpe and usefull tips for everyone! I hope you like it!
Here we go:

How to create and measure enclosed volumes
In this tutorial we will see how to simply create a certain volume inside an existing model/cavity in order to be able to measure the volume and/or mass of it! For this example i will use a water bottle and we will measure the amount of water it can hold!

1) Load or create model

Simply create or load your model, as simply as that

2) Create a plane

Create a plane everywhere you want in regard to the model! In this example you can see i chose to put the plane on the lip of the bottle! You could easily add it at any height you would like to measure the volume of.

3) Selecet the intersect command

Go to "Insert" - "Features" - "Intersect" . You could as well type the word "intersect" word on the search command box at the top of UI.

4) Create second body

In the command's properties choose the solid body you want (in this case the bottle) and the plane you have created! Click on the "Intersect button". Two (or more) regions will be created in the "Regions to exlude" area. By clicking each region you can see which body is highlated! If you want you can exclude anyone you want, meaning that it will not be created!
One final thing you we have to adress is that, at the bottom of the properties tab, you can uncheck "Merge bodies", resulting in two diffirent bodies.

5) Resulting Bodies

In the solid bodies folder you can see that now there two bodies! The allready existing bottle and now the volume created inside of it

6) Evaluate

By going to the "Evaluate" tab and clicking on the "Mass properties" command you can measure the weight and volume of the body we just created!
PS: By clicking on on the options button you can change the settings.


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