Hello everybody! In these posts i will upload tutorials on how to achieve certain goals on Solidworks! Simpe and usefull tips for everyone! I hope you like it!
Here we go:

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I believe we have all faced the same problem... someone would walk by our office and want to see a certain assembly for a quick note. The problem is that because the file has so many parts in it that it takes for ever to load. Well... there are certain ways to walk around this issue:

  • Open your assemblies through the software

In the open dialog box there is a drop down menu called "Mode". Through these options you can choose the way with wich you would open your assembly based on your needs.
Lets see what each of them does:

  • Lightweight

When a component is lightweight, only a subset of its model data is loaded in memory. The remaining model data is loaded on an as-needed basis.

You can improve performance of large assemblies significantly by using lightweight components. Loading an assembly with lightweight components is faster than loading the same assembly with fully resolved components. Assemblies with lightweight components rebuild faster because less data is evaluated.

Lightweight components are efficient because the full model data for the components is loaded only as it is needed. Only components that are affected by changes that you make in the current editing session become fully resolved. You can perform the following assembly operations on lightweight components without resolving them:

Add/remove mates

Interference detection

Edge/face/component selection

Collision detection

Assembly features




Section properties

Assembly reference geometry

Mass properties

Section views

Exploded views

Advanced component selection

Physical simulation

When a component is lightweight, a feather appears on the component icon   in the FeatureManager design tree.

  • Large design Review

Large Design Review lets you open very large assemblies quickly, while still retaining capabilities that are useful when conducting design reviews of assemblies.

When you open an assembly in Large Design Review mode, you can:

Navigate the FeatureManager design tree
Measure distances
Create cross sections
Hide and show components
Create, edit, and play back walk-throughs

  • Large Assembly mode

Large Assembly Mode is a collection of system settings that improves the performance of assemblies. You can turn on Large Assembly Mode at any time, or you can set a threshold for the number of components, and have Large Assembly Mode turn on automatically when that threshold is reached.

While using the Open dialog box to open an assembly whose number of components exceeds the specified threshold, Mode is automatically set to Large Assembly Mode, but you can select another mode from the list.

You specify the threshold on the Assemblies page in System Options. In addition, you can specify the following Large Assembly Mode options there. See Assemblies Options for details.

Do not save auto recover info

Hide all planes, axes, sketches, curves, annotations, etc.

Do not display edges in shaded mode

Suspend automatic rebuild


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